This Weeks Hunnie

Hey Hunniebees!

I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! I’m enjoying time right now spending it with my little sister. I get the privilege of introducing her to The Princess Bride, one of my favorite movies of all time and making some of her favorite foods. This week I’ve been trying to figure out a regular post that I can include every week. Something that I can write easily and have available. What I decided on was doing a run down of the high lights of my week both personally, food wise and health wise. I think it will help keep me accountable and make for a good way for me to look back on later. With out further ado here is this weeks hunnie.


On Sunday Hunnie Cassidy, her boyfriend and a bunch of my family came over for dinner.



We had grilled chicken, Gorgonzola salad, pineapple, and avacados. She also gave me an awesome present of a Lily Pulitzer tumbler and a lanyard that I haven’t taken a picture of yet.



We had mini cheesecakes for desert and Cassidy ate like 13 of them. After that we went back to her house and stayed up till 2 in the morning watching tv. By that point I was hungry again so I made an snack with turkey, avacados, tomatoes and a couple other things. It was so good.



My other sister Pam went to dinner on Tuesday. I know I’ll get some flack but we chose Olive Garden. It was so good and not too crowded so it was perfect. We got the risotto balls for an appetizer. For desert I choose a cappuccino and the pan a cotta. So flavorful and delicious.




Tuesday Cassidy, our friend Jackie and I had a long night. We went to Waffle House and are more then what was truly needed but it was so yummy. Afterward we went to a 24 hour Starbucks and played Cards Against Humanity. That game is so wrong but the funniest I’ve ever played. It was wonderful.



Lastly is last night and today. I made a great late lunch yesterday of cous cous with curried spinach and chicken. It was so satisfying and lots of protein. This morning for Lexi I made peanut butter and jelly French toast. It was a bit decadent but Lexi is obsessed with PB&Js and so I made the meal with that in mind. It was really good and she loved hers.

So that was my week this week. How was yours? Anything that really stands out?

Much Love,



Take Advantage of Your Campus!

Hi hunnie bees – Cassidy here!IMG_3240.JPG

I finally got moved into my apartment, and let me tell you it wasn’t easy! Luckily I had tons of help from volunteers to bring my things inside!  Classes start Monday and I couldn’t be more excited. Though it’s only been a day since I’ve moved in, I’ve already got a feel for my campus and started my new healthy lifestyle. Saying that, I have some tips I’ve been using to take advantage of my campus and stay on track.

  • Take the stairs! – I live on floor 4, and though there are some times I chose the elevator, 90% of the time I make the effort to take the flight of stairs. Because I came without a car, I tend to walk everywhere anyways, and you’d be surprised how easy it is to get a little work out in on your way to the University store or to class!

  • Use the Dining Hall, Seriously! – I know what you’re thinking, you don’t want the freshman 15 and dining halls don’t have the best reputation but fear not! Most dining halls now have tons of options. Personally for me I tend to not eat as often as I did at home because I didn’t feel like going to the dining hall or going out to spend money. When I do take the time to go eat, I opt for the salad bar and some protein. (Maybe even some Chinese if I’m starving) Most dining halls have portion control so you won’t over eat unless you go back for more.


  • Use your perks!- Got a Recreation Center or gym? Use it! There’s going to be tons of extra time in college and when you’re not working or low on cash it’s hard to find something to do, especially in a smaller town. If your college enrollment includes a gym or recreation center membership, take advantage! I went to my gym today to kill some time and burned 400 calories. It’s a great way to break a sweat! If you’re not wanting to go alone, bring a friend or take a class! I’m taking a yoga class this year, but my college as well as other schools offer free classes to meet new people!

I hope everyone is doing well themselves! I’m so thankful for everyone who has subscribed to this blog and I’m so excited to hear from you guys! Blogging is something I love and it feels so good to finally treat my body right and get in shape!

Have any of you started a weight loss journey in college? If so comment about your experience!

Love yall lots!




Accepting Change: Moving to College

Hey Hunnie Bees! Cassidy here!

Today’s the day! As I’m typing my family is making the drive down to university today. Move in day for my apartment complex is tomorrow. As weird as it sounds, it still hasn’t hit me that I’m officially moving away from home.

Change hasn’t always been easy for me either. After struggling with anxiety for 4+ years, I try to stay in my comfort zone as much as I can.
Change is never a bad thing though. Change opens doors and can sculpt you into a strong, beautiful person you would have never had become.

Last night was my final goodbye to a handful of my friends, and though this life change is a scary and uncertain one, it’s going to bless me with so many opportunities. I’ll make sure to blog once I’m all settled in!


Making Priorities



It is no secret that life requires some choices, some really hard choices. Everyday you have to wake up and make your choices for what is going to be important to you. YOU have to look at what you want YOUR life and decide how you want it to be. Has that become properly overwhelming and reminds you of all the speeches that you hear when graduate High School super quickly? It’s ok cause as I typed that I was starting to feel that pressure, that pressure that starts to build up on your chest. You feel like it starts to compress that air out lungs and you head starts to pound.

Now setting priorities is a very important thing that we all need to do but it doesn’t need to be something that terrifies you. You just need to decide what is important to you,your life and your family. If you had to pick three or four things that you place as priority in your daily life what would you pick? Honestly you can’t really make a wrong choice with this, it’s your life and it’s your choice how you want to live it.

So how do you pick? There are so many options for what you choose, you can make you life anything that you want it to be. Just envision your life for how you want it to be. That’s it. That vision that you have for your life tells you were those priorities need to lie.

However I wonder why is it so hard for us to place priorities in our lives for health? I feel like health almost gets put in a completely different category. People tend to think about it as something that doesn’t get on the same level as everything else. Like it isn’t something to even put a priority on. It is something that we can always come back to later. We can eat these 5 $1 cheese burgers and lounge in front of the couch tonight.Tomorrow, tomorrow,tomorrow. The problem with tomorrow is the fact that tomorrow is does nothing for you. Today does though, today matters and it can make a change in your future.

It’s all up to you to make the difference, It’s all up to you to decide what matters the most to you. It matters what you choose to make a priority in your life because it shapes your life and who you become.

What do you choose ?




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Cassidy’s Daily Diet: Out and About

Hey hunnie bees! Cassidy here!

Lemme tell you, things have been crazy here with everyone getting ready to leave! I have so much left to do and so many people to see! Saying that, yesterday was my first day eating healthy and mindful while I was out and about and I thought I would do a little show and tell.


For lunch I went out to eat at Panera and let me tell you, Panera is one of my FAVORITE restaurants! So many healthy options with the calories displayed so you can’t go wrong. Luckily for me there’s a Panera in my new town, so you’ll be seeing a lot of pictures taken here!

(Sorry about no breakfast pick, I actually woke up at noon yesterday haha)


For a snack later on I made my favorite treat, Avocados with Saracha, onion and garlic powder! If you’re ever feenin’ for some mexican, give this baby a go and you’ll get all the different flavors you might be craving.

But oh no, my mexican feast didn’t stop there! Last night I went out to see Seth Rogan’s “Neighbors” and stopped by Chipoltle for a chicken burrito bowl! So much food for only 400 calories. I was STUFFED. Definitely worth the money to go out and try one if you haven’t, or even try one at Moe’s! Neighbors was really funny, and even got me a bit more excited!

With move in day close by my posts might be a bit shorter till I’m settled! If you guys want to keep up with us during the move in process make sure to follow us on twitter and instagram @healthiehunnies !

Also, where do you guys go when you’re looking for a healthy meal while you’re out? Leave a comment below!




Health is Personal: My Fitness Plan

Health Plan

I leave for college in just two days now. It almost feels unreal that it is that close. Cassidy is leaving the day after I am to go to her school. It’s crazy to think that we are going to be so far away from each other. I know that it’s all for the best though and in the end it’s going to be good for both of us.

Anyway with all this talk about heading to campus I realized I needed to do a run through with y’all about my Health Plan. Even though I do plan on losing a few pounds while I’m there I refuse to call this a weight loss plan. My focus isn’t on that and it never will be. My focus is on being healthy and getting into shape. I’ll be darned if I get to the point that I feel the best I ever have in my life and still be told that I need to lose weight. Weight isn’t the end all thing. Being confident in yourself and feeling healthy is the measure that matters the most to me in the end. That being said here is my general plan for staying healthy this semester and maybe even losing a few pounds in the process.

  1. Work Out 5 Days a Week: This is an obvious rule to try and follow but s lot of people tend to glance over how important it truly is. It isn’t the most fun thing ever however getting active for at least an hour 5 days a week makes a huge difference. This can be whatever exercise you like to do, I really love working out on a Elliptical and going for long walks.
  2. Fresh First: With this I really focus on getting my water and fresh foods into my system. Before you eat anything that is processed or isn’t the healthiest I plan on drinking a glass of water as well as eat some kind fresh veggies or fruit. A good way to practice this is when you first go into your dining hall or cook at home start by drinking a big glass of water and eating a salad. These are both very good for you and help you feel full with out giving eating two plates of chicken wings.
  3. Hydrate: I will never say this enough make sure to get enough water, with out it you are getting nowhere and on the path down a dangerous road.
  4. Me First: One of the days that isn’t spent working out is instead focused on taking care of yourself. Let me explain this. Taking care of your body is great but if you don’t have a strong foundation in your mind then it is doomed to fail. I plan on taking one day a week to slow down and make sure that I am centered. Now this doesn’t have to be an all day thing as we are all to busy to just sit under a tree and watch the grass grow. I am going to have school,work ,friends, and any other commitments I make to take care of.In that day I plan to make sure to take an hour to myself and relax .
  5. Reward Success: This is a huge deal to me and it should be to you. When you are able to meet a goal that you set (just like Cassidy talks about in her post Fitness Goals and How to Accomplish them) you need to reward yourself. How ever you choose your goals make sure to pick an appropriate reward for when you reach it. For myself I plan to get to the point that I’m down to a size 8. That’s my ultimate goal and I plan on celebrating by buying myself a new North Face Jacket. For a little goal I am to lose 5 pounds and my reward for that would be a couple new songs on my Itunes. Doing this helps keep you on track, gain motivation and keep perspective.
  6. Follow the Cravings: This may seem counter intuitive but you need to give into the cravings your body has. Well I mean in a healthy way of course. Look my rule is if your body is craving something or your hungry in the middle of the night then feed it. Your body has these feelings for a reason, your body is hungry for a reason and ignoring it won’t make it go away. Make sure that you find the base of the craving though, because that’s truly what your body wants. You may crave all these fried foods but in reality it just wants some good healthy fats which you can find in avocados. It’s about balance.

Well that’s my basic rules that I plan on following. My focus isn’t just on physical fitness but also mental and emotional as well which are just as important. What are your fitness rules? Have a post you would like see? Tell us all about it in the comments section.

Much Love,



Setting Your Fitness Goals & How to Achieve Them

Hey hunnie bees, Cassidy here!

After reading our posts you’re probably wondering just HOW we plan on reaching our personal fitness goals, and lemme tell ya, I don’t blame you. I’m going to be honest- after posting my first post last night I had 4 brownies and a piece of cookie cake for my boyfriend’s birthday. TODAY alone I had even more cookie cake, 2 hot dogs, a snow cone, and 13 mini cheesecake bites. Oh and a bowl of instant pasta. (Don’t hate me! I had a healthy breakfast & lunch!) When I celebrate I go all out. No dessert is safe around me. We’re all human, we all mess up, we all have our days where we fall short and we all have reasons to EAT! But with any lifestyle change its all about focus, planning, and options! Here are some things I’ll be utilizing in my life to help me stay on track when I move into my new home and start this new lifestyle Thursday:

1. Gym Membership CLOSE TO HOME!

I’m one of those people who HAS to go to the gym in order to get a good work out in. While living at home I was very limited as to when I could go to the gym because I didn’t have a car of my own, so my university’s gym is something I plan to utilize every day. Whether it’s going to a class or getting in 30 minutes of walking, I plan on staying active 5 days a week!

2. Time is relative!
All of us want to drop the pounds fast, but setting goals based on time might not be our best bet.  In order to set your weight goals during your lifestyle change,set an ultimate goal as well as smaller, reachable goals that will reward you along the way. Instead of focusing on getting to a certain weight by a certain time, focusing on treating your body right and reaching your small goals will help you stay on track and motivate you! For example,  if you want to lose 40 pounds set your weight goals by every 5 pounds lost to help you stay driven while the weight falls off. Not only will you feel great to be reaching goals, but you’re body will thank you!


3. Quality over quantity!

Though calories counting personally works for me, it should never be the focus! 500 calories of  fruits and veggies beats 120 calories of a Twinkie any day! If you’re making a lifestyle change like Emily and I, it’s so important to give your body the proper nutrients, not just focusing on staying under your calorie limit for the day. My university offers a farmers market every other saturday, so I plan on taking advantage of the fresh produce and lean meat as often as possible! If your school offers a meal plan, try to go for fresh veggies, fruit and whole grains as often as possible during your meals. Your body will thank you after those late night pizza study sessions.


Have any other healthy tips to live by? Wanna see something in the next post? Comment below!




Stress and Going to College: The Dirty Truth

College Stress 2.0

 It’s that time of year! Stress until you want to cry because of packing and financial aid, oh wait is that just me? As much as I like to joke about it this is a very stressful time for me as I’m sure it is for a lot of other people. College stress can bring out the worst in anyone. For me planning to move 16 hours away from everyone that I know all while trying to coordinate financial aid while working is hard. There are nights that I just want to forget about the whole thing and just sleep, cause who needs a degree anyway? That however is not the way to handle anything. Since when does giving up on something solve the problem? So today I just want to talk about ways to alleviate some stress from our lives.

photo 1(4)

First thing that I like to do is make sure that I am well hydrated and well fed during the whole process. This goes double for when your packing. The last thing that you need to worry about your body being dehydrated, that’s a good way to add a lot more stress to your life then you even realize. I keep a drink with me everywhere that I go and even keep a water bottle beside my bed at all times.I also try to snack through out the day, gotta keep that blood sugar up! By taking care of the basics your body is a lot more able to handle the other things you throw at it and so is your mind.

photo 2(3)

Secondly take it all one step at a time. You can not conquer everything in one day, and you shouldn’t try to pressure yourself to either. Look at all that junk that I have in that picture, I mean it, look at all that junk. That doesn’t have all the stuff I’m bringing in the picture and I not even finished packing. You are packing for a year away from home it’s ok if it takes you some time. The best thing you can do is start packing a couple weeks ahead of time. Everyday you sit down and pack a bag/box or two. Then once you get into the home stretch it doesn’t feel like a mad dash to the end.

photo 3(6)

Lastly don’t be afraid to take a break and treat yourself. When I get stressed I tend to shut everyone out and OBSESS until I get whatever it is done. On those days I focus on my project from the moment I wake up till I go to sleep. Do you know how tiring that is? By the end of it all I feel lost and run down. This is not good for me and it’s not good for you either! You have to find away to help yourself relax and take a break for a little while. What you choose to help you wind down is very much up to you. You could take a hot bath, go for a walk, hang out with friends or read a book. Do whatever helps you relax and feel centered in yourself at the end of the day. What did I choose? I choose a Reese’s bar and a marathon of Scrubs. Hey I did say treat yourself :).

College can be an awesome experience if you allow yourself to breath through it all and not get overwhelmed. What do you do to help keep yourself calm and fight away stress? Make sure to tell me in the comments below!

Much Love ,



Meet the Hunnies: Cassidy

Hey everyone, my name is Cassidy and I’m a psychology major from Atlanta, Ga! I’m currently in the process of moving to Statesboro, GA to attend university and I couldn’t be more excited!


     So I guess I should say a little about myself now at this point right? Well I’m 18 and am an only child to my awesome parents. I have been very lucky to have been able to travel a lot as a kid and it has definitely opened my mind and changed how I view the world.. I have a boyfriend of 2 years now that also lives in Statesboro. Not only does my family L-O-V-E him but we have discovered he is very similar to Emily so they have become pretty good friends. He also pushes me to reach what ever goals I have, this is doubled when it is a fitness goal. I enjoy all food, and girl, I do mean ALL food. I particularly love anything Asian and anything on the lighter side. I love to do creative things like DYIs or crafts, but shopping isn’t so bad either! There’s no way Jose I’ll spend all day watching  TV, if I do I tend to go a bit stir crazy. I am very driven and when I set my mind to something I WILL accomplish it. I guess you can say I’m a little sassy with all that said. If you want to make me happy then give me a bowl of green tea ice cream, a huge cup of dark coffee and a Madea movie. Black cinema is a MUST.


I’ve always had a huge appreciation for healthy living in my own life, though my actions might not show it all the time. After much inspiration from other fitness bloggers Emily and I decided now is the time to challenge ourselves with our fresh starts in college to achieve our own fitness goals, and even inspire or learn from others along the way. After gaining a spot on the wellness committee for my university, now is the time that my actions follow my words. Though out the next for years I’m planning to get in the best shape of my life and finally find peace with my body. No more tummy pooch stopping me from wearing what I want, or bad self image stopping me from enjoying a night out.  We only have one body to carry with us in our life, and it’s now or ever to start treating mine right! I’m so excited to start this blog with Emily and can only imagine the rewards this new chapter in our lives will bring us and our friendship!


As for what you expect from my posts, I plan on posting my work out routines, meal plans, updates on my fitness, as well as posts about my day to day life at school, and lots of pictures woo!


If there’s anything you would like to see from The Healthie Hunnies, let us know!



Meet the Hunnies: Emily

Hey guys! My name is Emily and I am Youth Ministry major attending college is a little town in Kansas. I am attending a small private Christian college in the middle of nowhere. This is a huge change for me as I have lived most of my life in the shadow of Atlanta.

yoyoyoy Continue reading